IGMP proxy sometimes does not join groups

  • I recently switch from cable TV to IPTV, offcourse I wanted to keep using mu Pfsense box.
    Actually everything is working fine, but sometimes when I change channels on my IPTV some channels are suddenly unavailble until I restart the IGMP proxy service.

    I think, for some reason it doesn't want to join a IGMP group anymore.

    Anybody had the same issue?

    I'm running Pfsense 2.2.4-RELEASE
    upstream proxy:
    downstream:  (IPTV subnet, it has it's own subnet)

    I have installed a cron job, restarting the IGMP proxy every 2 hours, but that means we have to wait sometimes until the restart, or restart it manually, during the IGMP proxy restart, the TV channel freezes for a couple of seconds, so not an ideal sollution.

    Hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction.

  • Banned

    I can only point you to this bug, which will probably never get fixed, since apparently compiling a newer version of such monster requires at least several years of effort…


  • Thanks.
    It was indeed a older version, so I made the modification, let's see if it improves.

  • That made it even worse, now I got no tv after a couple of minutes, restarting igmpproxy will get it going for a couple of minutes.
    Nothing strange in the log only

    igmpproxy[62614]: The source address for group, is not in any valid net for upstream VIF.

    That shows very frequently.
    Strange because is in the upstream config

    this is my /tmp/igmpproxy.conf

    ## Enable Quickleave mode (Sends Leave instantly)
    phyint re0_vlan4 upstream ratelimit 0 threshold 1
    phyint re1_vlan4 downstream ratelimit 0 threshold 1
    phyint re0_vlan34 disabled
    phyint re1 disabled
    phyint re1_vlan2 disabled

  • After some diagnostics I found out I did not have the allow options selected on all WAN rules.
    Funny is that the old igmpproxy worked without this settings (what should be a problem, because the reports from the host won't reach the igmpproxy)

    It seems everything is running fine now.

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