Bios settings

  • I will be building a new system using the Ga-j1900-d3v board with 4gb men and a 30gb ssd. I have sophos utm on a bootable USB stick. Can anyone give me the bios settings that need to be correct so that it will boot and run correctly. The board will have F4 bios installed.

    No need to get into a discussion about i3 vs atom vs the celleron. This will be for a home system, 2users, 2 PC's, 2 smartphone, 2 tablets, 1 Plex/Usenet server, TV, receiver, TiVo and wink hub.

    Probably only 2 devices in use at a time. Will want to use firewall, antivirus, email/spam filtering, ids/IPS, country blocking.

    35mb down, 5 mb up
    Use will be surfing, email. And some mmo gaming

  • Hi Cmccarter,

    Just to clarify are you asking for support in getting your Sophos UTM installation working or pfSense?


  • I don't see pfSense mentioned anywhere in his post. It takes a special kind of person to come to a product forum and ask for help with a completely different, competing product.  That's likely why his question has sat for two days without reply.

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