Link Aggregation with bridged OpenVPN?

  • Hi,

    See link about a linux based solution using VPN Tunnel and Ethernet bonding / link aggregration. It supposes you could bundle for example two dialup lines and then gain higher upload / download rates at the dialup site.
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    On the one site I have actually a quite nice linux server at a nice datacenter. On the other site where I dialup is a pfsense router.

    1 Would it maybe make sense to hava a dedicated setup of carped Devices, one for each dialup session?
    2 If so, would I actually gain speed?
    3 Would this work with pfsense 2.2.4+?
    4 Would waiting for the next major pfsense version make sense with special regard to my requirements?

    My idea was to let go all traffic through the VPN (Openvpn tap) tunnel then masquerade with public IP of datacenter into the internet. As a bonus I would be able to use public IPs at my home. Furthermore I hoped to have some kind of redundancy for the case one of my providers failing.

    I also read in some other thread here, that having carped devices won't work, if they do dialup via PPPoE. If so I would let the Modem in front of the pfsense box make the dialup. By me getting on layer 3 to start a a datacenter's IP, it wouldn't make any difference anyhow, right?

    One more comment to the dialup lines. It would be two VDSL2 with 100 Mbit/s down and 40 Mbit/s up each. Imagining being able to bond those together would make me happy  :o
    What about really running a dediacted server at home with this solution.

    Thanks everybody for hints  ;D

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