2 WAN with Multi Vlan

  • I having trouble setting up my Vlan to go to certain wan for internet but still be able to talk to each other. Could someone give me some point me into the right direction?

    Vlan20 –--- |                            ----> Wan1 (Vlan20 only)
                        |  -- >  PFSENSE
    Vlan30 ----- |                            ----> Wan2 (Vlan30 only)

  • What are your FW rules on the internal side?
    Did you try to configure gateway in the advanced features section?

  • Make sure to set a rule on each internal vlan interface within pfsense to pass said traffic to your given gateway for each vlan.
    Firewall rule, on vlan20 create rule that sends traffic from * to * to use gateway WAN1
    Then similar rule on vlan30

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