Load balance problem. only using primary wan?

  • hi. I'm trying to set up a dual wan system using 1 1.5mbps dsl line and a 5mbps dsl line. I'm using routers so that I have class C ip addresses. My setup is as follows.

                                                            +---Pfsense box----LAN
    on the lan is several desktops and a torrent client/file server. The desktops need access to the server, and the server needs some ports forwarded to it.

    My main problem is that traffic only goes down the 1.5mbps line which is the WAN interface. The OPT1 interface (5mbps line) has no traffic.
    I followed the tutorial at http://www.netlife.co.za/content/view/34/34/
    the only difference in my setup is ip addresses and I skipped the firewall rules except for the one that routes to the load balancer (last one in the list). I think my problem may be in NAT, but I'm not sure.

  • Can you show screenshots of your firewall rule and the balancing pool?

  • ok here are some screen shots. since I posted I have reinstalled pfsense. I set it up exactly as before. I did change an ip address, but it shouldn't be a problem
    for the firewall rules, I had to change it back to defalut to use the internet. If I set the gateway to the load balancer or my 5mbps line, the internet is very slow. also the ip of my 1.5mbps router is now

    sorry if they're a bit big. is there a way to resize them without editing them and reuploading?

  • You've set the wrong gateway in your LAN rule.
    You have to set as gateway the balancing pool. Not a Gateway directly.

    Also you've set as monitoring IP's the gateway itself. Dont do that!
    Set it to an IP past your next hop or so. As it is right now pfSense cannot detect if a line goes down.

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