3G WAN interface hardware

  • Hi,

    I have just moved house, and my fixed line broadband speed is shocking (sub dialup performance at peak times), though there is supposedly fibre in the pipeline, don't know when/if it will arrive.

    I'm out in the (UK) sticks, so no 4G, my best bet is 3G, which only one provider (EE) can deliver, the rest don't have coverage.

    So, I was wondering if there was a device on the market which takes a SIM, and connects up via ethernet to my pfSense device? No wireless required, as this would add unnecessary expense.

    I am aware of Mi-Fi devices, but these don't do exactly what I'm looking for, and I have seen a D-Link router which takes a SIM, but this is overkill, since I already have the pfSense router.

    Any ideas?

  • I have configured pfsense to use a 4G dongle directly as a WAN port. The dongle I am using is the Huawei E8372. It is a bit of a hack but once done it works perfectly. I have been meaning to post the process in the forum but as ever, busy busy busy. I have two D-Link 3/4G routers DWR-113 (Requires dongle) & DWR-921 (uses SIM) both have wireless and work great I usually disable the wireless. Both devices work with pfsense the only issue to be aware of is double natting.

  • USB modem or dongle. That's it.
    Huawei should be the safe choice.

  • Thanks, didn't think about dongles as my pfSense box doesn't have USB.

    It's a Watchguard x550e, but I reckon I could solder a USB port to it, as it has the header.

    I've seen some cheap 3G only Huawei dongles on ebay, so this may be worth a try, with not much to lose.

  • Sierra GX440 uses ethernet. There are two models, One for CDMA and one for GSM. This one is Verizon.

    Edit: Beware of that seller. I have bought some with no MC7750 module inside. You cannot just add an MC7750 as they are tied to the AELOS firmware version. I salvaged the wifi module out to use with the ATT version. That was worth 50 bucks for me. Flakey seller.

  • Cradlepoint has the goods: https://cradlepoint.com/products-and-services/accessories.  I bought one of their routers when they were just a newcomer, and I was thoroughly impressed with their hardware, firmware, and their product lifecycle support.  I still have that router and use it for setting up temporary networks in the wilderness.

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