• Hi folks,

    in my Company we are Running an Astaro Firewall which is ancient. Now a new firewall should be put up with pfSense. Everything is working brilliantly, but then I learned, that the Astaro is running an own SMTP Proxy. Trouble is I´m lacking some skills in SMTP proxies, Postfix and Exchange 2010 and would be ever so grateful if one of you could show me the way out of my dilemma. Question: Is there a Tutorial or a Step by Step guide to “how to configure the “Postfix Forwarder”? Maybe featuring an example for Exchange 2010 even?  I searched for ages and didn´t find anything, most searches ended in just another forum site with other particular problems. As I said, a step by step tutorial would be the best for me as I don´t know what I can  or should do.


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    I'll shorten your dilemma: The package never worked on pfSense 2.2.x :)