• Is it possible to integrate a driver for LCD Display on printerport to display the status on Lan or uptime.

  • Yes, anything is possible, you have the source.

    If you are asking for this done, your better off creating a bounty request.

  • http://lcdproc.org/ would be a starting point.

    "…LCDproc supports Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and Solaris..."

  • LCDproc is usable, with a few restrictions, I think!

    A few month ago, i connected a 4x20 HD44780 LCD to my pfsense-pc to parport, using std-winamp-style. But, IIRC, the lcdproc-pkg was built for FreeBSD 5.3?

    So I endet in building my 'own package' on another BSD-machine. Transferred to the pfsense, it was working (CPU, Mem, Disk), except of everything that depends on network-data. So the Problem may be the (not) pf-specific code of LCDproc? Because of having no deeper knowledge on BSD's, I did no further testing. But nevertheless I think a Status-Display would be very nice to have…