Automatic reboot every day 2am

  • Hello! I search for a solution for a automatic reboot my pfsense every day at 2am.
    I searched the internet but i didnt find an answer. I also searched for a plugin but there isnt.

    Does anyone have a sulution for this?

    PS: I need this because my OPENVPNServer doese a wrong routing after about 3 days running.

  • Install Cron package, then add a command to reboot it at 2am.


  • Thank you very much for this tip.
    I looked to the website "find more infos…" But i can´t find the correct command for a reboot.

    Can you please tell me what i have to type into the command field?

    Just REBOOT?

    THX alot

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I'd probably use something like /sbin/shutdown -r now

    But I'd try to isolate the problem with OpenVPN first.

    Those who know more about the php scripts might be able to tell you how to just restart the OpenVPN instance in question.

  • It'd be better to fix the actual problem rather than trying to band aid it. What Derelict and awebster posted will do what you're looking for, but I'd recommend starting a thread about the routing issue you're having and fixing the actual root cause.

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