Unable to change rate of simple traffic shapper

  • Hi!  I'm using PFSense V2.2.1 for our production firewall, and it is in a CARP configuration.  We have a 50mb dedicated internet connection from our ISP.  I need to make a rule to limit the total combined bandwidth of all users to 46mb, allowing some bandwidth to always be available for other services on the internet connection.

    I created a two "test" rules at 20mb down and 20 mb up under Firewall>Traffic Shaper>Limiter.

    I then created rules under Firewall>Rules>Lan to limit the bandwidth to 20 mb.

    Everything worked fine.  However, I changed the rules from 20mb to 46 mb, and the limit stayed at 20mb.  I deleted the traffic shaper rules and firewall rule, and created everything again using 46mb as the limit, but the limit when enabled is still 20mb!  Attached are the current rules that I have for 46mb.  How can I get PFSense to use the new 46mb rules?  I'm ok with command line work if anything needs to be done that way.



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    Flush states or reboot.

  • I cleared out the state tables and rebooted, but I'm still limited to 20mb up and down.  This is the same as my original rule which I used for testing, but I deleted it and created a new rule for 46 mb up and down.  What else can I do to get the traffic shaper to use the new values?


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