Installing on bootable USB stick with 2 SATA drives on non-bootable controller?

  • Here's my situation:
    I have a Lenovo Rd330 I'm configuring pfsense on. Both PCie slots are taken up by NICs.
    The motherboard has SAS onboard but can't boot to it.
    It can boot to a USB stick…

    I have a 2GB "industrial grade" flash stick plugged to an internal USB port and have two 500GB SATA drives wired to the SAS ports.
    My intention is to boot off the USb stick (bootblocks) and have the entire rest of the OS on a GEOM mirrored setup on the two SATA drives.

    I have installed the latest pfSense build (full install) to the GEOM mirror using a liveCD image.

    How can I manually configure the bootloader on the USb stick to point to a mirror on other disks?

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