[SOLVED] Configuration reverts while on redundant node - v2.2.4

  • My primary node is down for a hardware issue, so all traffic is routing through the backup. The primary is still powered up, just a 10G NIC issue. The issue I'm having is that since this is powered on still, I'm unable to effectively save changes due to the changes on the secondary node being (what I think) over written by the primary. Is there a safe way around this? And is this expected behavior?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If the primary is up and syncing changes, why not just make the changes there and let them sync over?

    I'm pretty sure this is expected.  I believe you probably want to terminate the xml sync somehow (disconnect the primary, turn off the sync, etc,) and keep a log of the changes you make on the secondary, then duplicate them on the primary before you bring it back on line.

  • Excellent, thank you Derelict! That's what I was thinking, just wanted to make sure. Turns out the primary is down due to the two Chelsio cards not being recognized (not populating in dmesg) - I have a separate post in the Hardware section for this. Thanks again!

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