Chelsio cards dropped from DMESG - v2.2.4

  • I had this issue pop up last week and finally got time to troubleshoot.My primary pfSense box stopped sending data out the Chelsio T420's (a pair). I thought it was an SFP issue, so I swapped those out (4 ports total and all 4 are down). I got into the copper network that I have setup for just such instances and was able to log into the UI. I then ssh'd into the box and took a look at DMESG. I compared this to the working DMESG and noticed that the Chelsio cards just aren't being seen on boot. Absolutely nothing changed before they stopped working. I'm quite puzzled as to why these cards aren't recognized on boot any longer. Does anyone have any experience on this?

    Steps taken so far:
    Swap the SFPs - no light coming out of them
    Swap the Cards to a new Riser and a new Chassis (same model - Dell 380 G6)

    Really, the last step is to swap the cards, trouble is, I don't have two cards of exactly the same model, but I guess I could do with one. Suggestions?


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