Monitoring bendwidth from WAN to LAN

  • Hello,

    I have this configuration


    How do i monitor, which client on the LAN side is using how much bandwidth and traffic from and to the internet.

    I have installed darkstat and bandwidthD, but i don't know how to setup these tool to show me the desired stats.

    I hope you can help me.

  • Get a decent switch which supports vlans, put each device you want to monitor on its own vlan and then you can monitor the traffic over each vlan. Vlans also make it a little easier to fine tune rules for things like snort/suricata as each vlan is an interface with one device on it.

  • Thanks for your answere. So isn't it possible to monitor the internet bandwith usage of every single user in the lan with the mentioned tools? So what does these tools monitor? The usage within the lan?

  • There are other tools that can do that.  Check the Traffic Monitoring forum for more information.

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