PfSense not responding to ARP

  • Hi,

    I placed a pfsense box in a cabinet at a data centre.
    I get a from my isp and subnet this further in:

    Now i can't access the internet from the servers behind pfsense. Routing works. I can access the internet from the firewall.

    When running a capture, i see that the core router of my isp is sending ARP requests but pfsense never responds…

    10 0.399340 JuniperN_b8:07:c0 Broadcast ARP Who has  Tell

    Any pointers on what i should try?

  • You need your provider to route your internal subnet to your WAN IP. In the config you have, pfSense won't and shouldn't answer ARP on those internal IPs.

    Another alternative is proxy ARP on those addresses, but it would be better if the provider routed that subnet to your WAN IP.

  • Thanks, working perfect!

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