Slow connect to network

  • I'm having a strange "problem/situation" here.
    Running pfSense 2.2.4 on an APU1D4 including WLE200NX wifi card.

    All is running fine except I notice a delay in the clients connecting to the pfSense box.

    I have 4x Popcorn Hour media players that are set up as DHCP clients. On the pfSense box I have given all 4 a static DHCP lease.
    The devices are shutdown completely and left alone for a while, than powered on they should get an (static dhcp lease) IP right away.
    I do think this is not the case because when the devices are booted up the time and date on the homescreen is set to default (date somewhere in 2010).
    After a few seconds (5 - 10) the time changes to the correct time. This is because the device has gotten an internet connection and has synced to the NTP server. Normally this is done at boot and does not take 5 - 10 seconds. All 4 the devices are connected with a cable (not wireless).

    The 2 iPhones in our house have a similar problem.
    When they are locked and not used for about 10 minutes the wifi is shutdown automaticly (to save battery I guess).
    After you unlock the device it takes around 5 - 10 seconds as well to re-connect to the wireless network (on my pfSense box).
    One iPhone runs iOS 9.0.2 and the other one 9.1. Both are setup as DHCP.

    Two desktop computers we have in house are connected with a cable.
    They are not used for a while, in a shutdown state. After powering on the machines (Windows 7 and 8.1) you'll get a message from windows if the newly connected network is an home, office or public network.
    One desktop is setup as DHCP with a static dhcp lease. The other has a static IP and also a static lease (double, I know…).

    Any ideas what could be the problem?
    Non of these "problems" were here before. I only replaced the old router with the pfSense box.

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