• I have submitted the crash report . I have saved the config file from 2.1.3 and loaded it on 2.2. Probably conflicts for old packages. I am not sure how to downgrade the dependencies.

    WAN IP :
    Time : 16:25:00 EST Friday, October 23rd.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Your PHP and modules don't match. Such as:

    PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: session: Unable to initialize module
    Module compiled with module API=20121212
    PHP    compiled with module API=20100525

    and you're on 2.2.0 (kernel at least, some world modifications were done), not 2.2.5, so moving thread.

    Upgrade to 2.2.4, and don't do any manual modifications to PHP or its files, and that problem will go away. If it's preventing you from being able to upgrade, reinstall 2.2.4 clean, and restore your config backup.