PFSense - Router Modem Port - Too Many redirects / DNS Probe Failed BAD Config

  • Hi,

    Here is my PFSense Box and Router Setup

    PFSense Box gets WAN IP From DHCP (From ISP)
    PFSense Box -> With DHCP Enabled -> LAN is Connected to -> Router on MODEM Port -> With DHCP Enabled on Clients
    ALL Connected Devices gets IP from Router (Dynamic IP)

    1. PFSense Allocated Dynamic IP to Router
    2.Router has its own DHCP Server Enabled
    3.All Devices gets IP from Router

    1.I have error DNS Probe Failed. Bad Config
    2.If I write a Port Forwarding Rule in NAT this causes error too may redirects

    PFSense Box has Internet Access
    Router is Connected to PFSense LAN Port using Modem Port
    Basic Requirement is Devices Should get IP from Router and not from PFSense (In some cases)

    Can someone share an example or Provide resolution for above?

    Sincere Thanks

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