SG 2220 v SG 2440 Performance

  • Assuming that I do not need the extra ports offered by the SG 2440 compared to the SG 2220 and expect to use stock pfSense without additional packages with DHCP and perhaps a caching DNS server running on a home network with cable internet service that tops out at 100 Mbps, is there going to be a performance difference between the two boxes?

  • With no packages i would say no. But in other thread you mention AntiVirus and Intrusion Prevention. Depending on what packages you use these could make a big difference. Extra cores could help.

  • @Phishfry:

    Extra cores could help.

    Additional HW always helps.
    The two devices SG-2220 and SG-2440 both have two "Rangeley" cores at 1.7 Ghz.
    The SG-2440 offers Intel QuickAssist in addition.

  • The two devices have the same CPU.  The 2440 has Quick Assist but I don't think that's going to do much for pfSense.

    I don't need the extra ports.

    The 2440 has 4 gb of memory compared to 2 gb in the 2220.

    The 2220 costs $299 and the 2440 costs $499.

    Is there really enough of a performance difference to warrant that cost differential given my lack of need for the extra ports?

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