Interface definitions on console

  • Hi. pfSense is great!

    With that out of the way, I'd like to ask what the asterisks (*) beside the interface names on the pfSense console mean. I assume they're intended to indicate that an interface is UP. If that's so, then it appears the reporting is inconsistent, at least when VLAN interfaces are concerned. Here's what mine looks like:

    *** Welcome to pfSense 1.2-RELEASE-embedded on sentry ***
      WAN*                -> em0	->	20x.1xx.xx0.194
      LAN*               -> em1	->
      OPT1(client1)*      -> xl0	->	20x.1xx.20x.50
      OPT2(client2)*      -> em2	->
      OPT3(client3)*      -> vlan0	->	20x.xx.10.1
      OPT4(client4)*      -> vlan1	->	20x.xx.1x2.1
      OPT5(client5)*      -> vlan2	->	20x.50.1x3.49
      OPT6(client6)*      -> vlan3	->	20x.50.1x3.81
      OPT7(client7)*      -> vlan4	->	20x.x0.1x3.93
      OPT8(client8)*      -> vlan5	->	20x.x0.1x3.225
      OPT9(client9)*      -> vlan6	->	20x.x0.1x3.241
      OPT10(client10)*   -> vlan7	->
      OPT11(client11)*   -> vlan8	->	20x.x0.1x3.253
      OPT12(client12)*   -> vlan9	->	20x.x0.1x4.97
      OPT13(client13)    -> vlan10	->	20x.x0.1x5.193
      OPT14(client14)    -> vlan11	->	20x.x0.1x5.201
      OPT15(client15)    -> vlan12	->	20x.x0.1x5.209
      OPT16(client16)    -> vlan13	->

    OPT13 - OPT16 above should be reporting UP because they're connected and active. vlan2 - vlan13 are all children of physical interface em3. They're trunked to a Cisco switch. ifconfig reports them all active. Is this a cosmetic bug?

  • The question outstanding here is: is this a known bug? Should I submit a bug report?

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