Cannot access Blacklist page for proxyfilter squidguard

  • hi
    i am learning pfsense and was trying to follow along this video
    Youtube Video

    to configure url filtering . after i selected the site as url filter and clicked on blacklist tab i got below error.
    404 - Not Found

    i am at the latest and greatest pfsense. :-[

  • seems like i have resolved it…

    i remvoed some packages that were to show interface statistics do not remember names .
    but if someone could point me towards  logs files from where i can extract those package name i will post them.

    i went to status and services and i couldnt start squid and squidfilter service. they would start and then shutdown automatically .. tried reboot no luck so i removed some packagtes and then started squid proxy service but still couldnt start proxyfilter service .. anyhow i quickly went to blaklist tab and luckily it worked.

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