Dual WAN, but NAT rules do not work on Primary WAN

  • Please forgive me if there is a fix elsewhere.  I have been trying for a while to find one on my own.
    I have a PFSense Installation with two WAN connections.
    The WAN connections service 4 VLAN's.  For one VLAN WAN fails over to WAN2.  For another WAN2 is the only connection.  The remaining 2 use WAN as the connection.
    The issue I have is creating NAT rules using the NAT submenu from the Firewall menu.

    WAN is the default WAN created on PFSense install.  WAN2 is Opt1 connection.  the VLAN's all use the default physical LAN interface.

    When creating NAT rules on WAN they do not open the ports.  Any NAT rules created the identical way work perfectly on WAN2.

    Hopefully I have attached correctly the screenshot of the WAN rule page.

    Can anyone shed some advice on what may be happening?  As I said, If I create the identical rules, using NAT, but place them on WAN2 they open the ports correctly.

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