No DNS traffic passing the WAN interface

  • Hello,

    I'm coming across a weird problem on my 2.2.4 install. Basically, no DNS traffic will pass the WAN interface…

    Here is my home lab setup:

    1 host machine running ESXi 6.0 (1 built-in NIC, 1 USB NIC)
    1 VM running Windows 2012 as DNS and DHCP
    1 VM running pfSense as a firewall.

    Since ESX doesnt support USB NIC, I had to put in passthrough for pfsense to use it. I managed to configure the WAN and LAN.
    So far, every device on the LAN can reach each other just fine.
    Every device can ping the internet using the IP.

    The problem is that not a single DNS query will resolve. I isolated the problem in pfSense.

    netcat from the pfsense VM to the LAN DNS works but not to my ISP's (or any other).

    For troubleshooting purposes I removed all packet filtering from pfsense and still no DNS going through.

    Any idea what could fix this? Would it be a driver issue or some weird passthrough problem??
    I know the hardware works as I had everything working fine before but instead of ESX, I had a windows server install.

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