Outbound NAT over IPsec with BINAT

  • I have a IPSec tunnel between my LAN and a mobile provider.

    Local network is a 10.Y.Y.X/24 network, which provider thinks is a 192.168.Y.128/25 network. Provider network is 10.0.X.X/27.
    Most connections work just fine.

    I have an outbound connection which should force traffic going from a specific internal IP to seem to come from 192.168.Y.160, but it all goes from 192.168.Y.128. (See attached screenshot)

    Does anybody have any idea what is making the outbound NAT not be applied? Are NAT rules not applied to IPSec traffic? Inbound is no problem to the same host, it is just the outbound traffic, and only over IPSec.

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