NTOP Bug / Services Stop and Starting

  • Couldn't find anything sticking to this particulary but I am also fairly new to the packages.

    Loaded NTOP works great except for some reason when you stop the service it fails to start again. Reinstalling the WebGui on the package seemed to fix it though, but after you stop it again you have to reinstall it to get it to run.

    I didn't have much time but I will play around with it later on the command line to see if the process is running and it is fail to start through the WebGui.

    Also ran into a bug maybe where running https @ port 8080. As soon as I changed this back to default port for https, I could access NTOP. Before hand I could not.

    Also does anyone know any disadvantage to leaving NTOP running? It is currently running at Celeron 566Mhz 256Mb PC 133 RAM, with a 10Gb Hard Drive. Memory UsageĀ  stays around 30-40% while CPU stands around 2-20%.

  • Make sure you are on the latest Snapshot.


  • running latest and greatest. I guess it was me being impatient. I thought it wouldn't take as long, I finally was poking through the command prompt and it takes at least a minute of better to load with amount of traffic on it.