Multiwan using one WAN interface & VLANs on WAN

  • Hi, I have one machine with just 2 NICs unfortunately with pFsense on it. The computer has only one PCI slot beside the internal NIC.

    Is it possible to use this for a multiwan scenario if I setup VLANs on the wan interface?

    ISP1–--cisco                                                          pFSense
                switch ----trunk port ------------WAN NIC-- 2.2.4    ----LAN NIC----LAN Switch
    ISP2----with                                          (em0)        with              (re0)
                VLAN                                                          VLAN
    ISP3----(tag 10                                                  em0_vlan10
                tag 20                                                    em0_vlan20
                and                                                      em0_vlan30
                tag 30                                                    assigned to
                setup)                                                    em0 parent
                one for                                                    interface
                each                                                      and named
                port /                                                      WAN1
                each                                                        WAN2
                ISPs                                                        and WAN3

    In theory it should be working, but it is not. I don't know if there is a misconfiguration on the cisco switch or in fact that is not possible at all since I just disable the wan interface because there is no way to remove it.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Just assign WAN to one of the VLAN (tagged) interfaces. All your config and rules, etc will move with it. Rename it WANx if you want.

    You don't need to remove em0 just leave it unassigned.

    The switch ports going to the ISPs should be untagged.  It's unclear from your description if you tagged them.

  • When I recently set something up similar, I could only ever get one WAn connection operational, reason is the MAC address used by the vlan's on pfsense are the parent interface MAC, are your three ISP connections all from the same ISP? You can try setting a bogus MAC on the vlan interfaces to see if that gets it working….it may work for you, I tired it but it didn't work for me, I had to use a virtual machine, vswitch/vnics to do my vlan'ing.

    Also make sure your ports connecting to the ISP devices are not tagged.

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