Message appearing on console but not system log.

  • AMD64 2.2.4
    The message

    lighttpd[30718]: (connections.c.137) (warning) close: 13 Connection reset by peer 

    appears on the console but not in the system logs. It appears periodically but no pattern I've determined yet.

    Dont know if this is relevant
    or whether it might have been linked to some problems with suricata logs overflowing which also had the knock on effect of stopping the monitoring on some interfaces which could be an interesting technique to disable IDS systems.

    Only running cron, Suricata and Squid3(installed not configured for use yet).

  • Got a different message up on the console this morning that doesnt appear in the system logs.
    Only the TalkTalk tv set top box and a windows 7 pc were plugged in to the switch at the time (both on seperate vlans which cant talk to each other) and the internet connection wasnt plugged into the switch either.

    The message was:
    Oct 28 09:35:05 lighttpd[33311]: (connection.c.137) (warning) close: 14 Connection reset by peer.

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