The monkey is struggling with LAN > WAN am I just simply a clueless CLOWN?

  • hello folks

    hope someone can help?

    this is a topic that has been covered before but I HAVE looked at all the previous comments and nothing seems to cover the issues I am having.

    Story as follows:

    Installation fine.

    Using a P4 low spec server with an external dual INTEL card.

    Card has assigned to FXP0 (WAN) and FXP1 (LAN) with no issues.

    Eventually I do plan on upgrading the MODEM but for now have been trying to connect up PFSENSE and route stuff to the internet using a domestic NETGEAR ADSL MODEM / ROUTER. Model DG834G V3.  This might be my downfall I am unsure?

    This modem initially had us scratching our heads as to how to turn it into bridge mode until I stumbled across this AWESOME blog:

    that took care of the bridging.

    Of course now the username / password options on the router have gone and this has to be done in PFSENSE to get the correct acceptance from the ISP.

    I assumed PPPoE was the way to roll so pumped the UN/PW into this and reset the PFSENSE SERVER.  I then rebooted it.

    After a little while maybe about 3-4 minutes it gets a WAN IP ADDRESS.

    that looks like this


    my lan setup is /24

    I have no internet.  Once I have internet I think I can figure the rest out.

    I have read various comments in forums etc all with mixed responses. Im kind of hearing one thing then another.

    The option of allow rf networks etc keeps coming up (the two tick boxes at the bottom of WAN assign page).  some say tick it some say dont.  the help comments on there are written in chinese translated up side down then into a vague english so are no help either.

    i also read some comments you have to create rules to get internet and I read some comments the rules are auto.  If i am truly honest I find the layout of rules very NON intuative and confusing.  Particulary all the varients of rules.

    Finally I seem to remember with my previous experiences of PFSENSE (a few years ago now) there were some additional tick boxes you needed to make to get it working.  I vaguely remember it being in a GENERAL settings but i might be confusing with another OS or system?

    I have spoken to my friend who has a box working how do you do it and he remembers a lot of fiddling around but cannot remember exactly what to do.  I guess its so solid and reliable once it purrs it tends to remain untouched or with minor tuning.  with this in mind one seems to forget the secret ingriedient.

    We both know getting the WAN IP is a good sign so I think I am close but not quite there.

    Any suggestions or pointers would be massively appreciated.

    Also if I do need to create a rule please can you specify exactly how (ie clowns guide) on how to create the relevant rule.

    ie WHAT rule, what interface, what section, what port, what to allow what not to allow etc. Although I have some experience of pfsense im still a little hazed out.  Its the usual story once you get to grips with it then hopefully plain sailing.. well thats the theory anyway LOL.

    regards everyone :)

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    You don't have to do anything to get this working out of the box.  All the necessary rules are placed on LAN when you install.

    The clown instructions are install it and go.

    What do you have on Firewall > Rules, LAN tab?

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    With derelict on this to be honest if pfsense takes u more than like 2 min to get running u have something really basic wrong…  Hardware your running on not supported???? Interfaces connected wrong???? It really is click click running.

    It grabs dhcp on wan. It hands out dhcp on its lan with any any rule just like any soho router u would buy at your local computer store

  • thanks for the responses.

    "You don't have to do anything to get this working out of the box.  All the necessary rules are placed on LAN when you install."

    Great I have had mixed responses about this so this now clarifies you just install and go.

    "With derelict on this to be honest if pfsense takes u more than like 2 min to get running u have something really basic wrong…"

    well not sure of the purpose of the 2 minute statement but if you have plenty of experience with this software plus relevant hardware then MAYBE but I think this is quite an ambitious claim.

    the main issues i find with pfsense is actually understanding the instructions.  On that note what do you mean in the context of "With derelict on this"?

    Being someone with limited experience if you go searching there are various walk through tutorials all telling a different story.  I guess one main issue with this is figuring out which version of the software a particular tutorial relates too?

    "It grabs dhcp on wan."  Yes

    "It hands out dhcp on its lan" Yes

    "What do you have on Firewall > Rules, LAN tab?" My friend checked it out and added a rule that he thought might help. I wont be with the machine until tonight. I will report back with some screen shots.

    with this in mind I might just re install it and MD5 check it just so all these factors are ruled out.

    Just out of interest what is your thoughts on those two turn networks on/off tabs at the bottom of the WAN interface? I have read the help instructions printed next to them and the exlaination makes almost ZERO sense to me.

    I get mixed responses on walk through tutorials some say keep the ticks some say axe em.  thoughts?  Would these have any effect on no LAN > WAN?

    Finally I am just wondering if the NASTY router now set into BRIDGE/MODEM mode is the issue? maybe pfsense is getting upset with this thing? its a netgear DG834 V3.

    "Hardware your running on not supported?"  gigabyte mobo i can check which one, single core P4. approx 1GB ram DDR2. interface card is a dual INTEL. INfact a del card with intel chips. pf sees this as two intel cards FXP0 and FXp1.

    during the bootup of the OS things look okay but this is only a muppet opinion.

    "Interfaces connected wrong? " i dont think so but open to suggestions. logging in via LAN okay.  Pf reports the interfaces as UP and appear okay.

    Johnpoz & Derelict - Thanks for the suggestions and helping me.

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    I have no idea what guides your reading?  Most of them are written by idiots for other idiots just plain fact..  Who needs a guide to follow the bouncing ball in the setup and click yes?

    Really????  What is confusing to you in the setup of pfsense I just am not understanding it.. Even a retarded clown monkey should be able to set it up in like 2 minutes..  Really the only reason it would take longer than that your hardware is really slow..

    There is no tweaks required to have it working out of the box click click..  The only possible issue there could be with the current version is that it defaults to using the resolver if you have some lame ISP that intercepts dns and or only allows 53 to their dns then yes you could have problems..

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    My friend checked it out and added a rule that he thought might help.

    There's your problem.  :/

    Since your friend screwed with your LAN rules, you'll have to post them.  Or revert to factory and start over.

    if pfSense is set to get a public WAN IP from PPPoE and is getting one I'd leave the bridge alone.

    The block private IPs and block bogons on WAN should probably stay checked.  They only affect inbound traffic flows anyway.

    It really is that simple. Choose your LAN, set your WAN, plug in and go.

  • As the others have already said, this is dead simple if you know what you're doing.  Hopefully you did NOT specify a gateway for your LAN NIC.

    Post screens of Interfaces - LAN, and Firewall - Rules - LAN.

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