Connect pfSense to wifi hotspot with login

  • I have a small LAN that I use for some adhoc Minecraft LAN parties:

    router (DHCP) –-- switch ---- 10 clients

    I want to enable internet access to my clients by doing this:

    ISP –- pfSense --- router (DHCP) ---- switch ---- 10 clients

    The issue is that the ISP is really a Wifi hotspot with a web page used to log on with username and password.

    Can I (by adding Wifi options to an pfSense appliance) connect to this wifi hotspot and share this internet connection with my LAN?

  • Possibly havent dont it myself, check out this link as you might need to log into the wifi login page from a computer  behind pfsense before you can get pfsense to connect properly. pfSense would have a wifi dongle/modem on its wan interface.

    pfsense can also do the dhcp if you wanted to go for this type of setup.
    ISP –- pfSense ---  switch ---- 10 clients

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