SG-2440 msata recommendations

  • Can anyone offer recommendations for an msata card to be installed in a SG-2440 ?

    Are there any mstata card limitations or cards to avoid?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Generally speaking, anything should work. We're aware of an issue with some Micron mSATAs where they don't appear after a cold boot, but do after a warm reboot. It appears the BIOS doesn't give the controller enough time to initialize. That's something we had a customer report in the past few days, and it will be fixed, but for now probably best to avoid Micron. We and customers have used a wide range of others with no issues.

    The ones we sell are Intel.

  • The PC Engines ones shown here under the link in the next line are also not fine working, because TRIM support
    is disabled by the new firmware. PC Enignes 16GB mSATA

    Some older models of some vendors are also not supporting the TRIM command, so please
    have a look at the tech specs. from the model you want to buy.

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