Static Routing Question

  • I have a Static Routing Question that im confused on with pfSense. Our pfsense router/firewall has WAN and LAN port. Our LAN is and im wanting to do a Static router to a VOIP router that is plugged into our switch. Layout looks like attached diagram.png

    What i'm trying to do is setup static route between and

    We have no administrative control over the VOIP Managed Switch or the VOIP Routers, only our Phone Company has access make changes to those. All the Servers and Client computers are on even tho Phone Company has some of them passing through built in switch in phones. Phones are on

    I know you go to "Setting/Routing then System: Static Routes" to add my But what do I add for a Gateway sense they both go off the same LAN port. Also what if any Firewall Rules have to be done?

  • This is an internal routing question, not really a PFS query. You have to set your routing within the internal DLink switch - assuming it's manageable. You will also need to get the phone company to set a similar route back to your network on their switch to ensure traffic can be returned. Otherwise, if you only need to set a route between two hosts across both networks, you can assign these statically on each of the hosts in question. If you have more than two or three hosts requiring the routing info, then it would be better to set this as switch level, otherwise managing the whole thing could get messy.

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