PPPoE reconnection

  • Hi.
    Is there any working solution to the issue where Pfsense does not reconnect PPPoE after link loss? Right now I have exactly this problem with Pfsense 2.2.4, PPPoE doesn't come back up after some downtime, it works only after reboot. I did some googling, but without success. Some way to make it automatically reboot on connection downtime perhabs?

  • There is no global issue with PPPoE reconnection. The link failure should be spotted by LCP timeouts and the mpd5 daemon should proceed to reestablish the link. This works correctly on my system.

    If you use IPv6, 2.2.4 does not deal correctly with DHCP6, SLAAC and DHCP-PD in a linkdown -> linkup scenario. The fix I developed for that problem (and a fix for an even more fundamental problem using PPPoE with IPv6) will be in 2.2.5, which will hopefully be released in the next few days.

    What does your PPP log show in a failure to reconnect scenario? Rather than rebooting, does Disconnect and Connect on Status->Interfaces lead to successful reconnection?

  • for sure there is a problem with pppoe reconnection - as i have this problem with 2.3 (including all recent updates) and searched more than 2 days to find a proper solution, i.e. to have a stable pppoe connection with my pfsense.

    the fix mentioned here works good for me:


    Failing that, give this a try: Edit usr/local/sbin/ppp-linkdown and comment out or remove this line (keep an unaltered copy around though so you can restore the copy if it doesn't help)
    Code: [Select]

    /usr/sbin/ngctl shutdown $1:

    mind that there is a closed, 17 page long thread at https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=41061.240  i came across several times.

    imho this workaround should be added to that thread, as it will help people who have this problem. unfortunately, that post is closed and cannot be replied anymore. can some moderator add this information ?

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