Routing for multiple WANs

  • Howdy ya'll!
    I've got a customer using heavy VoIP traffic so we're bringing in a T1 in addition to their cable wan connection to alleviate the jitter problems we're experiencing. My question is; what is the best practice for routing only voip traffic (or more broadly all traffic from those phones) through the T1 and routing all other network traffic through the second cable connection? Let me know if you all need any further details to answer this question…

  • Search the forum of for "policy routing"

  • under the firewall rules we have 4 interfaces, lan/wan/t1(opt1) and ipsec.

    would we create firewall rules under wan or opt1 specifying any outbound traffic from our phones IP's to go through the opt1 gateway?

  • You create rules on inbound traffic.
    The rule should to to the interface on which traffic comes in.

  • i believe i need to create the rule on the lan interface, i'm concerned with the inbound/outbound traffic.

    i want all of our phone to be routed through the OPT1 interface, and only that IPSpace for now.
    any suggestions?

  • you  create your firewall rules on the interface that the phones are. each PASS rule should have OPT1 as the gateway. this is policy based routing

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