Multiwan with a shared / single / only one gateway

  • So I've researched this in the forum, and it seems that pfsense does not support a situation where you have two WANs that have the same gateway.

    My question is this: is there a legitimate technical / routing reason why pfsense can't support multiple WANs with the same gateway?  Is it simply a design decision?  An oversight?  A technical limitation?

    In my case I have two accounts and two modems from the same company, they provision static IPs in the following way:

    123.456.789.100 with subnet mask of and gateway of 123.456.789.1

    So in this obfuscated example, I have one modem with 123.456.789.100 - 105 and another modem with 123.456.789.106 - 110 and both use a gateway of 123.456.789.1.

    Is this so uncommon?

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