• Hi,

    My isp in a data centre uses VRRP on their routers.
    I have a carp cluster in a cabinet and I'm getting hundreds of:
    kernel: carp_input: received len 20 < sizeof(struct carp_header)

    What can I do to hide these messages, or even better, how to stop these from happening?

    I saw a post somewhere about changing the IP protocol nr, is that really possible?

    How do you make CARP and VRRP live happily together?

  • CARP and VRRP live happily together provided you are using unique VHIDs.
    As mentioned in another thread, the messages are cosmetic.
    If they really bother you, you might try filtering the broadcasts, perhaps with a filter on your switch. Setting the sysctl net.inet.carp.log to 0 might get rid of them also. I'm content to ignore the messages and haven't tried either of these suggestions, so proceed at your own risk.