Two WANS DMZ always using WAN1 as gateway

  • Hi,

    we have pfsense configured and working with WAN1 , LAN, DMZ , VOICE and Guest.
    all is working fine except we need a second WAN for DMZ ( mailgateway FORTIMAIL 100 ).
    we added a second wan ( WAN2) and have mx configured to use this WAN2 for mail.
    this is working for dropping mail, but when the Fortimail answer, WAN1 is used. ( problems with mail because two different ip's are used )
    i configured the DMZ route to use WAN2, but this does not work…
    we do not use loadbalancing or failover.

    how can this be solved ?

  • have you cleared the states?

  • Hi
    could you paste the <interfaces>, <staticroutes>and <gateways>sections of your config file ?

    Best regards</gateways></staticroutes></interfaces>

  • Hi,

    i've enclosed the config file in attachment.

    thanks for helping….

    i had not cleared the states, will do this in a minute and let you know..

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