[RESOLVED] WAN interface - 2nd route OK but pfsense still sending to default GW

  • Hi all
    I have set up a pfsense as a Captive Portal (call it "PORTAL").
    This machine manages 1 LAN (Guests) and connects to an external network (WAN) hosting a router (WANGW) and another firewall for internal networks (called FW).

    I want to give management access to the PORTAL from one of the internal networks, thus through the FW.

    IP addresses :
    WANGW :
    FW :
    PORTAL (ext.):

    PORTAL (int) :
    Guests net :
    internal net :

    In PORTAL : There is a default gateway via WANGW.
    I then created another gateway pointing to (=FW) and created a static route via FW.

    When I try to connect to PORTAL from host, I see the packets arriving at PORTAL, but then it sends answers back to WANGW, not FW !

    Here is an example of two packets captured (ICMP ping) :
    1 0.000 ICMP 98 Echo (ping) request  id=0x1fb0, seq=1/256, ttl=64 (reply in 2)
    Ethernet II, Src: Netasq_0e:e9:65 (00:0d:b4:0e:e9:65), Dst: HewlettP_34:6e:d2 (00:23:7d:34:6e:d2)

    2 0.000 ICMP 98 Echo (ping) reply    id=0x1fb0, seq=1/256, ttl=64 (request in 1)
    Ethernet II, Src: HewlettP_34:6e:d2 (00:23:7d:34:6e:d2), Dst: Anovo_e9:1b:ab (40:5a:9b:e9:1b:ab)

    the reply is sent to WANGW (MAC = anovo…) instead of going back to FW (MAC = Netasq...) : that should not be since there is a route defined to via FW

    Any clue ? This is not a rules issue since the PORTAL sends a reply.

    Some config extracts :




    I finally created 2 specific VLANs on the internal interface : one for the guests and one interconnect to internal networks (specific FW interface) and it works.
    (I arranged the VLANs on the switching hardware too.)</staticroutes>

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