Asix usb nic not re acquiring an IP

  • Hello Pfsense community,
    I am new to Pfsense and just recently installed the latest stable version on an Intel NUC. I've noticed that if i disconnect the patch cable from my Macbook and plug it back in after a period of time my Mac does not acquire an IP but rather it receives a self-assigned address .  When i reboot the NUC everything is back to normal and my Mac receives . I had this same issue with a different brand/chipset Asix usb nic that i borrowed from work.

    WAN - onboard Intel nic
    LAN - SIIG Asix usb nic 10/100 - - DHCP range
    Wifi - Ar9280 mini pci-e hostap (

    Oct 29 06:46:15	dhcpd: dhcp.c:3271: Failed to send 300 byte long packet over ue0 interface.
    Oct 29 06:46:15	dhcpd: send_packet: No buffer space available
    Oct 29 06:46:15	dhcpd: DHCPOFFER on to a8:20:66:xx.xx.xx (Kris-MBP) via ue0
    Oct 29 06:46:15	dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from a8:20:66:xx.xx.xx (Kris-MBP) via ue0

  • just came across and enabled Disable hardware checksum offload …will test this and report back.

  • Hello,

    mostly it depends on the chip that is soldered on the USB to LAN adapter and the driver support
    of this chip by pfSense. I would consider to try the forum search there are many threads about those
    behaviors and issues that you might be better find a thread with a post where someone get success to
    install a quite well supported USB to LAN device.

    Or and this might be also a way and should named here, you could try out to find out what pfSense
    version you are using and then you go and install the parent FreeBSD version on a separate PC and
    have a look if your USB to LAN adapter is supported there. Stitch it in and see what driver is loaded
    and then copy the .ko module for this over to your pfSense to get a better driver support also there.
    For sure the 32Bit and 64Bit version must also match.
    pfSense 2.1.5 = FreeBSD 8.3
    pfSense 2.2.4 = FreeBSD 10.1

  • Hi Bluekobold,
    thank you for kindly replying.

    The chipset is an ASIX 88772A - currently installed
    The usb nic that i had previously used to get the box up and running was an Intellinet Network Solutions p/n 502245 using the ax88178.

    I like your suggestion in regards to testing within FreeBSD and may just do that on a spare machine i have at work.

    thx again

  • ahaha i didn't realize there was so many "my usb nic sucks" threads here.  i guess i'll see if we have any old spare vlan switches at work.

    too funny  ;D

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