Switch WAN Port when Interface becomms slow

  • Hi guyes!

    I have googled but I haven't found anything handlind my concern :(

    At our office our "classic" WAN connection only hat 25GB of traffic included in the contract and each further GB ob WAN traffic costs about 25€….so we really have to be careful with that connection.

    Now we are sunning a second WAN connection via 3G Mobile Internet which is used for Web-Research, Skype, Webex... The problem is this 3G mobile plan has a traffic cap of 1GB per day and afterwards the bandwidth is cut down to 56Kbit/s which isn't usable for our office  ::) .  They often don't throttle direct after the 1GB is used up but often allow 1,5-1,7GB until the connection is throttled to the useless bandwidth. of 56 Kbit/s..

    In this case we would like to automatically switch back to the the expensive "classic" WAN.  The problem is that even the slow 3G connection stays up, so all the options provided in the gateway group tigger level ("Packet loss or high latency","Packet loss ","high latency","member down") seem wrong.

    TLDR:// What I am basically trying to let pfsense do is recognize "the connection is very slow" and then switch to the expensive WAN connection.

    Any Ideas? :D

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