Newbie questions - Devolved Administration for Captive Portal

  • Hi,

    I am using the captive portal with the internal database, I would like to be able to devolve the adding of new users to my staff but without giving them access to the full config tool is this possible?

    Many thanks

  • I'm pretty sure this has come up before - a search should find you details.  ISTR that this was proposed for a "future" version, but I don't remember whether that was 1.3, post 1.3 or even further off.

  • That has been developed for pfSense 1.3 and looks complete. However I don't know when pfSense 1.3 will be released. You could create a bounty to put in a temporary solution until pfSense 1.3 is available. Other option is to setup another machine with a radius server using a database then point pfSense to the radius server.

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