Alternative off the shelf hardware to the SG-2440

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    I've a client who needs a firewall appliance for their business. They offer public WiFI and the SOHO gear they use today has not been secure enough. (I think they are getting a DHCP consumption attack, but the devices they have today are not able to log anything). But leases fill up and run out and we have to reboot frequently.

    I have never used pfsense before. I've done Sonicwall, Cisco, and a couple others. But the pfsense seems like pretty great.

    The thing is, the store says the SG-2440 is out until November 2nd. I can't wait. My client really needs an appliance immediately.

    I'm torn in that I really don't want to order Sonicwall, but it's in stock.

    I tried figuring out how to source a small Intel hardware box (appliance) online. but many of the sources don't indicate the costs, nor support. While I don't mind building a frankenstein machine, I don't want to have my client be handicapped without a support vendor standing behind the product. (I'm just an independent consultant).

    Can anyone advise if there are any vendors selling small hardware appliances with pfsense besides pfsense that comes with support?

  • You should perhaps tell us at first where your location is, or better the country you are homed.
    If support is really needed you can easily go and buy also a SG-4860 or SG-8860 unit from the
    pfSense store, 1 Year of installation support is given to you by buying one of this units.
    (If you've purchased a firewall from pfSense, your support package includes two (2)
    complimentary support incidents valid for up to one year.)

    You should go to their website and have a look under the Distributor page, where all distributor
    will be named and then choose your country and see if one of them is able to send you a SG-xxxx
    unit per express. This will be perhaps the best way as I see it right.

    The second thing is the offered professional service by, where your
    client can come closer to the point what he need and then the consultants will be do the job.
    pfSense professional Service

    If you or your client want to go deeper in knowledge of pfSense you might be have a look
    to the pfSense university offer, that you or your client is then more familiar with pfSense.
    pfSense university

    If this would be to much or there is no interest you might be sign up for a Gold membership
    and then you get your hands on many documents that will lead you through your project
    and if then something is not working there will be perhaps others that might be work it
    out with you together. Note please this is not for real support.
    Gold membership

    The best for you and your client is to pay for commercial support because you are asking at Friday
    and planing now or over the weekend would be more expensive or unavailable.
    Get professional Support

  • You need one quick, jump in your car and drive to Austin and do donuts in the ESF parking lot until somebody shows up in the morning!!!
    Seriously, they are in stock now at the Netgate store so the website is probably lagging. Give them a call in the morning, i am sure they could whip something together for ya.

    Just for your info. It is the same company that sells these as a non supported item -as above, or the SG2440 which is the supported pfSense store version you are wanting. The Netgate store was out of stock until just the past few days, so like I say the pfSense version should be available. The only difference is the case color and support. The company is Electric Sheep Fencing. They handle both stores and are the supporters of this forum. If your really pressed and they are out of the Black cases just get the blue one and ask for support package. I am sure they would work something out.. Flashing the eMMC can't take that long.

  • They are indeed in stock now. Not sure if it's still listed as out of stock until Monday because they're still catching up on back orders in the build room (they just arrived this week, and there were a slew of back orders), or if it was an oversight to remove the text. But we have hundreds of them currently in the warehouse here in Austin. Can email sales <at>pfsense dot org or call 512-900-2546 and someone who works on that side of things can tell you specifically what ship date you'd be looking at if it's that time-sensitive.</at>

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