Destination port 15174?

  • Hi,
    I was wondering if someone could clear up what port is 15174, I was just checking my ELK logs from pfSense and saw lots and lots 15174 probably some bot but I wonder why?

    Thank you

  • Inbound, outbound?  Did you look at logs to see if there are common IP addrs if inbound?  Did you try a simple Google  for the port number?  I've found google searching for port number and ip addresses to give lots of information.  Sometimes they even lead over to security sites that can tell you even more.

  • yeah i tried searching it shows nothing interesting that i can relate to.

    Its inbound to my LAN device on my Elastix Server ( but im sure 15174 is closed see picture

    Thank you

  • Looks blocked to me.
    It could be a response to something you're doing, especially if you've port-forwarded a range of ports to your Elastix server.
    P2P will typically generate that sort of activity.

  • o snap…i forgot i had to port forward 10000-20000 for VOIP lol

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