Tp link and pfsens ?

  • hi
    is there any mod available so that we can use pfsense on commonly available tplink wifi routers / or adsl wifi routers ?
    They are low cost, readilly available..
    if not what is preventing it ?
    i am running ddwrt on tplink wr740n v1.1 and would like to add asterisk .. so i can have few phones registerd on home netowrk.. so that i can access them over vpn and voip client ..
    currently doing with pfsense in a spare c2d machine ..


  • PFSense is x86 only and soon only x64.

  • @Harvy66:

    PFSense is x86 only and soon only x64.

    hmm.. i see

    pfsense will be awesome in arm or mips ..

  • They are low cost, readily available..

    On the first look this might be a hit, but on the second it isn´t really a gain.
    There fore that this Routers comes with a small ASIC or the job will be done in
    silicon and pfSense is a software firewall. This small routers are also often based
    on Broadcom Chips and as Harvy66 was saying it first pfSense will be X86(_64) only.

    if not what is preventing it ?

    There is no Broadcom fork of pfSense and if you install pfSense and some
    packets like Snort or Squid or on top HAVP these devices will be not sufficient enough.
    So OpenWRT or DD-WRT will be much faster on those devices as pfSense I think.

    pfsense will be awesome in arm or mips ..

    Yes but there is no MIPS fork for now as I see it right, I don´t know if there will be one at some days
    it could be cool because of the wide varying models from some vendors with MIPS based routers.
    MIPS could be really interesting related on the well known and wide spread out
    MikroTik and UBNT routers. This will be devices with much more horse power and
    right sorted with enough LAN ports that will be matching right for our all needs more.
    From the lowest bottom starting at ~$60 to the highest top ending with something around ~$1500.

    • UBNT EdgeRouter Series with ~8 models
    • MikroTik Routers with RB433, RB435G, RB450G, RB493G, RB1200

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