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  • I currently have pfsense running as a VM, but for my production setup I would prefer a rackable device. I need something that can handle 1 LAN and 15 WAN ports minimum. I've checked the "vendor" section and have emailed Lannerinc regarding there FW-8771C.

    I would like to know from the community what they use for multi wan hardware, I currently push a constant 300Mb through the firewall and will be adding some satellite networks/subnets, the internet throughput /usage will likely ramp up to between 400 and 500Mbs (currently 700 users will grow to 1000).

    Any suggestions from anyone who has purchased hardware that handles the amount of nics I need?


  • Any suggestions from anyone who has purchased hardware that handles the amount of nics I need?

    Lanner is really assembling fine hardware, not cheap, but running well if it supports your favorite OS.
    So please be sure at first that this appliance is supporting a native install of pfSense on it, it might not
    be tending on the hardware it selfs but more on the BIOS of the Lanner appliances.

    The second thing you must be really sure right supported by pfSense is the following,
    the chips on the expansion modules must be supported well by pfSense otherwise you
    have the needed amount of LAN ports but you will get now access through them.

    If you are able to choose a Intel Xeon model by your own I would personally go with a 4 real Core
    and 8 HT Core model that is not running under 3,0GHz.

    Go buy using a SSD that is suitable to handle the amount of cached data if you try to use the Squid
    as a caching proxy server in pfSense with ease.

    All other things depends more on the installed packages and the offered or running services on the
    entire device. Should it be at someday perhaps SFP+ uplinks to the DMZ and LAN Switches what then
    perhaps you could have a look to get your hands on an appliance that comes with 2 PCIe slots for
    upgrading it matching your needs.

    In the pfSense store are also two sorts of Chelsio server grade NICs that are sorted with SFP+ ports
    on the cheaper is able to handle many VLANs and offload this task from the pfSense platform to let
    the CPU save much power. The more expensive one will be able to offload the entire NAT task form
    the pfSense appliance. It would be not unwise to ask before buying the appliance and the cards at
    the pfSense store and Lanner whats going on here with this hardware.

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