• Dear Friends,

    I got problem.

    I use pfSense with CP for WiFi project; user connects to AP, gets landing page, then generated password via SMS etc.

    But know some users cannot get landing page, cause they cannot get IP address in the first place.
    Yes, I pointed "some", cause some are works fine.

    Be aware that nothing is changed, neither configuration in pfSense or in the network.
    Even there is nothing unusual with pfSense; CPU, memory, interface etc. is OK

    Is there any option to check DHCP debug mode?

    Thank you All!!!!

  • If the DHCP server is issuing IPs correctly to some of your clients, then the server must be behaving correctly. Have you checked the clients which aren't receiving addresses? Could they be running personal firewalls, for instance, which might be blocking DHCP requests? Could you have some clients with static addresses set? Might be worth confirming first that there isn't an issue with some of the affected clients' machines first.

  • hi,

    well you are right and I did check them. For example I was able connect > get ip address > landing page etc. with my iphone/macbook, other test android phones. etc. but now I cannot.
    I did tcpdump: tcpdump -i <int>host ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (this is mac address of devices wifi adapter), and I can see that DHCP "offers" certain IP address, which I can see also in lease (/var/dhcp/var/db/). But wifi icon just rolling and at the end I get 169.x.x.x address (we all know what it is).

    Also this happened (started) same time: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=101803.msg567762#msg567762

    Thank you in advance.</int>