NTP time doesn't match pfSense time

  • The time displayed on Status:Dashboard doesn't match the time returned by NTP.

    My pfSense timezone is set up to US/Mountain and the time displayed on Dashboard is correct.  Fri Oct 30 12:08:15 MDT 2015
    I have enabled the NTP on pfSense

    However when I try to sync any computer to NTP I get a time which is 1 hour off.  Fri Oct 30 11:08:15 MDT 2015
    All my computers are set to the same time zone as pfSense

    I'm running an older version 2.1.5 which has been performing very well.

    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

  • Banned

    Suggestion: Upgrade your pfSense to a version with uptodate timezone data…

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