Missing system logs and ppoe trying to connect when its not being used?

  • In the attached screenshot, you can clearly see the entire system logs, I log 2000 entries as seen at the top of the screenshot and anyone can see theres no where near 2000 system logs entries.

    Plus at the bottom of system logs you can see a strange pppoe log entry. I'm not using pppoe so why would there be a pppoe log entry, its acting like the

    nk0]: Link:reconnection
    ```that kept popping up in the system logs after I visited that website pottingerphoto.com posted from this thread which I suspect injected a virtual interface into freebsd. https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=94916.0
    Only devices left plugged in overnight is a suspect talktalk tv box and a win7 machine which was switched off but could have been woken by lan remotely.

  • Another screenshot of the system logs not showing the 2000 entries.

    Why did the screen shot from the first post get removed?

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