Dell optiplex fx 160 and pfsense ?

  • hi
    i was in market and found dell optiplex fx160 for 40 bucks (2gbram/80gb hdd/wifi module included) but stopped short of buying it after reading attached post which says it usese broadcoma and is not supported by pfsense/bsd.

    then came accross this post ..  in which someone used it with some limitations which could be overcome . (problem with assigning static ip).

    is it still true that this wont be of use to pfsense ?

  • I ran an optiplex 160 for about a year with version 2.2. It worked fine. Very easy to install and the performance was ok. You will need to configure vlan's and have a smart switch to create your WAN and LAN networks.

    Its not a bad little setup for home. The fanless design worked well and power usage was very low.

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