• I have problems with having to click on links usually 2 times before the page will load.  After a fresh boot of Pfsense things seem to work smoothly for a while, sometimes a day or 2 sometimes only a couple of hours.  I have done the command nslookup www. whatever .com (when this double clicking starts occuring) and I get a timeout. If I do the same command again then it works and resolves the address.  I suspect that I have something configured wrong.  I have the WAN port on the WRAP connected to another router (DSL Modem).

    currently running: RELENG_1_SNAPSHOT_03-26-2006

    Platform: WRAP (2 LAN) (2 Mini-pci) (LAN: static   WAN static

    Wireless Card: SR2 Atheros 400mw B/G card ( DHCP server running: Captive Portal running

    DSL Modem: Actiontec GT701-WG ( DHCP server running

    Static route:  Wireless -> (dest. network) with a gateway of (DSL Modem)

    Firewall rules: NONE

    Services: DNS Forwader (no rules) and Captive portal

    General Setup: default hostname/domain, DNS addresses put in the same as DHCP on the DSL modem hands it out pri: sec: external address

    any thoughts/suggestions that could make this setup smoother… I want to keep the subnets like they currently are unless someone could see a reason that something else would be better.  Should I have the LAN on the WRAP hooked to the DSL router instead of to the WAN?  Should the gateway of the static route be set to instead of   No machines are currently connected to the LAN on the WRAP just the Wireless.


  • Why do you need the static route at the wireless interface? You might mess things up here. It's not needed. Also try using external nameservers only by entering them at system>general and uncheck "override by DHCP". If the router in front of you is the issue it should be gone  after that.

  • Removing the static route seemes to have done it.  Thank you!