One Click Update Auto Update Feature

  • I was wondering, would you be able to add an option to the one click feature where it will automaticaly check for updates ever x amount of time?

    Thanks for all the hardwork and great releases!  Keep it up!

  • I believe he means in addition to one click auto update that they include a feature to automaticly check for available updates.

    interesting feature, it would be like microsoft update feature.

    Would it auto install as well?  This might cause unexpected reboots.  I wouldn't want my box randomly rebooting.

    I think this feature would only be worth it if it includes some way of notifying you of available updates.

    Through the devs point of view will increase their server load(I would think).

  • true  or maybe an option that could say just install and notify that the updates are going to be installed on the next reboot

    i would think the server load would increase a little but not too much since it would just be checking to see if it needs updating…

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